Product Name: Nameko in Brine
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Nameko In Brine

Grade: umbrella diameter:1-2.8cm;stem length:max 4cm

umbrella diameter:1-2.5cm;stem length:max 3.5cm

umbrella diameter:2-5 cm;stem length: max 3cm,open cap 100%

umbrella diameter:2-5cm;stem length:max 4cm,open cap 100%

umbrella diameter:2-5cm;stem length:max 5.5cm

Package: 50kgs/drum;

Supplying time: delivery all year round

MOQ: 1×20 Container;

Advantage:climate advantage,northeastern winter cold,summer hot but short duration,air relative humidity is low,the climate is dry,large temperature difference between day and night,frozen every winter,snow forms a natural low temperature sterilization,nameko excellent quality.

nutritive value:delicious taste and rich nutrition, that is good addition to make soup. Viscous material is a kind of nucleic acid, that attached on the surface of nameko cap, which can maintain the body’s energy and mental benefits greatly, and can inhibite tumor.